XYNIX Background

XYNIX is a local system integrator that provides total solution incorporating system software, hardware and networking. Currently we provide IT consultancy, analyses business procedure and implement system that suit our client needs.

We are a local based set up in order to provide our valued customers excellent after sales service and support. Another benefit of being local set up is we have the advantage of better understanding and forecasting the problem and challenges facing by our local company.

Our clients normally will benefit from improve work efficiency and this will also bring extra profitability to our clients. Besides that, our client’s staff will reduce tremendously in human error.

In this competitive edge, more and more companies are looking for solution to streamline their business process and increase their productivity. Not only that, they also is looking at reduce unnecessary cost that arise from the money that client spend on things that do not contribute to their goal or even militate against them. Apart from the cost, the time and effort that waste is dragging the company away from being competitive.

At XYNIX, we strive to give our clients the best value, service and support available. We are the Total Solution Provider in providing application software, hardware and IT consultation.